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Stress free DofE expeditions from Indie Outdoors!
Let us organise your training programme and your practice and qualifying expeditions. We will design and organise everything you need for a successful training and expedition programme at bronze, silver or gold level.

Our mission statement:

Indie Outdoors aims to provide a 'real' outdoor experience for young people and adults using experienced and well qualified staff. We believe that outdoor activities can be a transformative and empowering experience at all ages but that this is best achieved through a mutual respect and understanding between instructor and participant. Participants should not be forced, coerced or led by the hand more than is strictly necessary for safety reasons and they should not see the instructor as some kind of superior and untouchable entity but rather as someone who can introduce the participant to new experiences and abilities within themselves.

Our programmes include:

  • High quality pre-expedition training delivered at your location
  • Assistance with all aspects of DofE paperwork including risk assessments and green forms
  • Help for participants in filling in their first route cards
  • Organisation of camp sites
  • Further training and supervision from experienced and qualified staff during practice expedition
  • Accredited assessors for the qualifying expedition
  • Training materials and handouts for all participants

Indie Outdoors is a registered AAP for DofE Expeditions.


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